It's portable - take it on location shoots 

Set up time under two minutes per kit

Battery powered (up to three days) or 120 AC powered​

It all comes in one case for easy handling 

One case weighs under 38lbs

Liberate your crew - so they can be more productive than guarding doors

Single crew member setup


Avoid costly retakes and overtime due to lost shots 

Fast setup means more time to utilize elsewhere 


John Irwin 


Maximize Your Crew's Potential

Adam Doherty 

​Vice President 

Operates on 12 Volt DC Battery or 120 Volts AC.

​​​Save Money on your Next Production 

USB Rechargeable  Transmitter

​​Easy Setup and Use

PortaBell Wireless Bell and Light System

for the Motion Picture Industry

 FCC Approved for North America & Outdoor Use Certified